Friday, June 8, 2012

Export, Install and Run the Android Application in Mobile from EclipseProject using the APK file

In this post, I'm gonna tell u how to Deploy android app from Eclipse

1. Go to File->Export, then window will arise as shown below

2. Choose Android Application then Click Next, then Select your Project from your local computer as shown below

3. Then you need to Enter the Path to Keystore, choose Existing Keystore, and mostly the Keystore location will be as
C:/users/admin_account_name/.android/debug.keystore and the password should be as "android" and then click next.

4. After selecting the Keystore and Password as "android", Click Next, Then the window will arise as shown

5. Then you need to give location for the storing the apk file of the project.

6. Click Finish, your project apk file is ready, just install it in the android mobile. It will work.

Thank you